The list below represents transactions, where Euro-IB had been Lead Advisor.

The volume of the individual transactions was generally between EUR 20 – 100 million:

  • Advised on the Senior Debt financing of German business parks for a UK listed real estate company.
  • Advice on financial structuring of a Luxembourg commercial real estate portfolio.
  • Sale of residential property portfolio in North-West Germany (12,300 apartments) to consortium led by an Australian investor.
  • Advised on Sale of Belgium and Dutch transport and logistic companies to different buyers– Management of Sell side process.
  • Purchase of German 5-star hotel/office complex in major West German city by UK private investor, representing buyer.
  • Advised on and arranged refinancing for a residential real estate portfolio in eastern Germany.
  • Sale of shopping centre including apartments in North-west Germany to a UK Buyer.
  • Sale of German residential property company (7,500 apartments) to US investor.
  • Advised ALFRED TALKE Logistic Services Group on the takeover of a german logistics und lux. transportation company.
  • Structuring and negotiation of long term leasing contracts with a regional US Bank for a German mid-market company entering the US-market for the first time.
  • Advised a German logistics company on the takeover of a company including construction and service provider contract based in the Middle East.
  • Advised UK Buyer on acquisition of Southwest German portfolio of 6,000 residential apartments.
  • Advice to major US insurance company on the rollout of its European asset management strategy.
  • Provided a valuation for a German logistics property developer to support the injection of new equity.
  • Advised on completed share buy-back for a publicly traded German industrial company.
  • Commercial Due Diligence on the acquisition of the London subsidiary of another bank and advice on pricing.
  • Arranged re-financing of the senior debt portion of a hedge fund financing of an engineering corporation at full value.
  • Advised and arranged Senior Debt financing - Schuldschein loan.
  • Advisor to a publicly traded German property company on the acquisition of 950 apartments in Central / East Germany and arrangement of finance.
  • Arrangement of mezzanine finance for pre-planning acquisition of substantial London site, total gearing in excess of 90%.
  • Advised on and arranged finance for the compulsory bid for a German Industrial Group.
  • Arrangement of lower tier 2 capital for Baltic bank.